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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the day of my appointment what do I do?

  • Eat well before your appointment.

  • Bring ID, passport or drivers licence. No young scots cards!!! Failure to do so will result in you losing your deposit and not getting tattooed!

  • Please shower before your appointment-no like sitting next to smelly people and also this will ensure that your skin is clean.

  • Try to be least 15mins early…this allows time for any changes to be made and time for you to relax before the procedure.

  • Do not drink alcohol or take drugs before your appointment- I will refuse to tattoo you. You will lose your deposit.

  • Bring a fizzy drink and some sweets-this helps to keep blood sugar levels up. Feel free to share sweets out!

    Can I bring a friend?

    Yeah.  As long as their chat is as bad as mine. However, don’t bring a gang my tattoo room is pretty small.

    How do I go about getting a tattoo from you?

    You can pop into Black Cobra Tattoo. We can discuss your ideas and get you booked in. Or you can drop me a message via the CONTACT page and we can take it from there. I do however prefer if I meet you in person as it speeds the whole process up meaning I can give you an exact price and

    Do you do walk-ins?

    Yes. Black Cobra Tattoo offers a walk-in service this is subject to availability to find out if I or anyone has space please call the shop 0141 419 9523.  The shop does not hold spaces and works on a first come first served basis.

    What’s the wait time like? How far in the future will I need to book my appointment?

    The waiting time, and how far in advance you need to book your appointment will depend on several factors, including:

    • The time of year

    • Your own flexibility with when you are free

    • How long your appointment will be

    If you want up-to-date information on the waiting list, or the shop, in general, please call 0141 419 9523

    To secure a booking, a deposit must be left in the shop…this is then deducted from the final price of the tattoo after it is completed.

    What information do you need when enquiring about getting a tattoo done?

    If you are enquiring about getting a tattoo, please make sure that you include the following information:

    • Your tattoo ideas/subject

    • Where on your body that you want the tattoo?

    • Approximate size of the tattoo

    • Any reference pictures that you may have

    • Pictures of the area that you want tattooed. This is only necessary if you have existing tattoos that need to be worked around or covered. Or if there are other circumstances that may affect how the tattoo is designed e.g. a scar, a birthmark etc

    How much notice do I need to give to move an appointment before I lose my booking fee?

    I must be contacted 48Hrs before the time of your appointment.  Failure to do so will result in you losing your deposit leaving you very sad.

    Are Booking Fees/Deposits refundable?

    NO.  Once the deposit is paid I will begin drawing (at Home-yup no free family time for me).  If you wish to keep your appointment, please give 48hrs notice and I can move the date for you.  However, there is a 2 strikes and your out rule, move your appointment more than twice and you will automatically lose your deposit. Sorry time wasters.

    Do you sell gift vouchers for tattoo work?

    Yeah.  Any amount can be purchased from the shop.  Vouchers can only be used towards tattoos and nothing else e.g. T-shirts and prints.

    Do you charge a fee to design a custom tattoo?

    No I don’t charge any extra for designing custom work, however, I do offer cheaper tattoos at Black Cobra Tattoo.  These are pre-drawn designs so there is no charge for drawing time hence the cheaper price.

    Can I get Tattooed if I am Sick or feeling under the weather?


    No. Your immune system needs to be at the top of its game so that your tattoo can heal properly. Black Cobra Tattoo Shop, for obvious health and safety reasons, has a high standard of cleanliness, so it’s not appropriate to bring your germs in contact me or my equipment.

    If you are unwell and it is more than 7 days from your appointment, let me know and I can reschedule for when you are in a better state.

    If you do fall sick with less than 7 days to your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible so I can try and refill the space.

    Can you quote me a price?

    I cannot give an exact price unless I meet you in person and discuss placement, size etc.  I will offer an estimate though. Head over to the CONTACT page and drop me a message.

    How much do you charge per hour for tattoo work?

    I get asked this all the time!  I do not charge by the hour. I work extremely fast.  I quote within a price range that I feel is acceptable for the size of the tattoo.  This means that there is a set price the customer will pay and no deadline to meet…I hate watching a clock, having to rush tattoos just so I finish before the clock chimes.

    Can I go to the gym after I get Tattooed?

    I would recommend that you rest for 1-2 weeks until your tattoo is healed.  Stretching the skin or submerging it in a swimming pool will only increase the risk of your tattoo not healing well.

    Do tattoos hurt? Can I use pain relief?

    Yup tattoos hurt but everyone experiences pain in different ways.  If you are nervous about the procedure I advise on purchasing Numbing Cream.  There are many on the market that work extremely well. Dr Numb is great but there are many others out there…find what works best for you.(always read the label and follow the instructions supplied).

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