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Tattoos in glasgow – Roberto Poliri

Roberto Poliri is a Glasgow based tattoo artist best known for his unique traditional style.

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Roberto Poliri is a new tattoo artist in Glasgow with a unique style you will love!

Roberto offers his clients a free consultation to discuss ideas, design and placement to achieve the best possible outcome for custom drawn tattoos. He also offers inspiration via several of his sketchbooks filled with pre-drawn designs. Roberto’s preferred style is American Traditional (taking inspiration from classic tattoo artists such as Sailor Jerry, Cap Coleman and Amund Dietzel, to name a few). He also offers Japanese and ‘fine line black and grey’. Requests for white ink, glow in the dark tattoos or suggestions to incorporate the ashes of your dead dog/auntie etc must be considered with caution, as the terrible conversational skills just might not be worth it.

the design

Roberto is happy to tattoo designs of any scale, is confident in working with the body to make designs flow well and is thorough with ensuring that the placement of stencils is correct, as this may impact on how the tattoo will heal and age.

Large client base

Throughout his 10-years in the tattoo industry, Poliri has successfully built a large client base within Glasgow and its surrounding areas, with clients travelling from as far afield as China and the USA.

respected glasgow tattoo artist

He has been invited to and attends several tattoo conventions including Leeds International Tattoo Expo, Total Tattoo’s Big North Show and the Scottish Tattoo Convention. Keep up to date with
Roberto’s social media for news on upcoming conventions.

Amazing Designs

Show me your idea and I will give you a full quotation and time estimate for your tattoo.

Custom Designs

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Years of experience

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Tattoo Parlour In Glasgow

After completing a 3-year apprenticeship, Poliri has spent a further 7-years working as an artist in the industry. Poliri is currently working in the Glasgow tattoo shop Black Cobra Tattoo, located in the Cessnock area of Glasgow, which is a two-minute walk from Cessnock Underground Station.

As an artist, he prides himself on his speed, solid use of vibrant colours, customer satisfaction and his terrible conversational skills.

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How to find me – I’m working from the address below

Cobra Tattoo
15 N Gower St
G51 1PW

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OR CALL NOW: 0141 419 9523

“Roberto was recommended to me by a friend, so when I finally decided to get my knee tattooed I knew an artist with his speed would be good. I am so happy with the outcome – a solid tattoo which still looks vibrant 3 years on. Roberto was really helpful with designing my custom tattoo and made
me feel confident throughout the whole process.

Cheers Roberto.” – Iain McKenzie.

I’m experienced !

Roberto has 10 Years of Experience in The Industry

Come into our shop in Glasgow or call us today with your idea, all you have to do is email me your idea and I will give you a cost within a few hours! its that simple.

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0141 419 9523

work from address

Cobra Tattoo
15 N Gower St
G51 1PW

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